Our style

Why learn a new language?

Learning a language shouldn’t be a burden !

We believe that learning a new language...

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Our Values


We create a pleasant and relaxed learning atmosphere and our teachers give their best to encourage you...

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Our teaching approach


At Speak Français our teachers have a very lively and dynamic approach to the language. The emphasis is...

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Corporate classes

We offer courses in French, English and Mandarin for your employees.
Classes are created to meet the specific needs of your industry.

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Private classes

Our individual language lessons are suitable for students of all age groups, from kids to senior citizens, everyone’s covered.

We tailor each course to meet your personal aspirations.

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A team dedicated to your learning

The whole team is made up of native and qualified professionals to provide you with the best language teaching.

Annabelle Speak Francais


Founder & French teacher

In Singapore since 2014, this is where my desire to transmit the French language flourished.
The warm contacts with my students and the sharing of different cultures make my job fascinating. The French class is a moment of conviviality...

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English teacher
Hi! I'm Sharon, a native English teacher from the UK. I have a corporate background in Human Resources but, after becoming an expat and mother 14 years ago, I transitioned into a teaching career. It is hugely satisfying...
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French teacher

Bonjour, My name is Guénaëlle. I am a French teacher. I have been teaching French for a long time and I have enjoyed and still enjoy every single day I teach! I love it because it is a combination of my passion for teaching and...

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French teacher

Do you have an interest in learning French? I have a passion for teaching French and French culture with expertise in bilingualism.


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Marc from Speak Français


French teacher

Passionate about relationships with others, I like to convey what I love: the magic of the words of the French language in all its forms (oral - written). Dad of 4 children (I learned patience) I like to...

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Spanish and French teacher

Bonjour, Hi, Hallo, Hola, Ni Hao, Namaste !
I am Laurianne. I come from Burgundy, a French region famous for its vineyards.
I have always been passionate about learning languages. So, I learnt English, German and
Spanish during my...

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These testimonials come from current or past students. They have been learning French, Mandarin and English in group classes or private lessons. Contacts can be given on demand.

They trust us

These corporates trust us to teach French English and Mandarin to their employees. All classes are given at the entreprise sites for better efficiency.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn French, Mandarin or English or for any query. We answer in 24hrs.